About Our Services

If your company lacks an effective CR program, RMG will work with you to design and deploy a program from scratch. Even if you already have a program in place, we can help you move into new vertical markets, expand internationally, or keep up with organic growth.

We offer services for program design and management, operational support, and content development.

Program Design and Management

RMG will design a complete CR program that meets your marketing and PR/AR objectives—while staying within your budget.

• Customer qualification and recruitment: We turn qualified sales reference leads into reference customers.

• Joint reference activities: We help you collaborate with your business and technology partners to maximize benefit for both partners and joint customers.

• Track, manage, and measure: We cultivate positive relationships with customers and sales teams to maximize visibility, while avoiding overuse of references.

Operational Support

For customers who already have a CR program in place, Reference Marketing Group offers a range of services, from strategic counsel to hands-on project help:

• Revitalize your CR program with a complete audit from RMG. We’ll show you how to focus on key accounts, streamline your qualification process — and deliver more references, faster.

• Adapt to new vertical markets. If your company is entering a new vertical segment, don’t assume your current CR program is on target. RMG has experience in industries as diverse as education, energy, financial services, government (state and local), manufacturing, media/entertainment, research and development, and transportation. We’ll show you how to modify your CR program to support the new initiatives.

• Expand into new geographies. A CR program designed for one geographical region may not translate well to another. Reference Marketing Group has global experience in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), APAC (Asia Pacific), and emerging markets such as Greater China, India and Latin America. RMG can help you build a program for new geographies based on your CR program, and even act as your international liaison to implement corporate reference programs worldwide.

Content Development

All CR programs ultimately come down to deliverables. RMG has the expertise and experience to drive the development of the full range of CR content assets:

• Success stories and case studies: Capture compelling stories highlighting your customers’ success with quantifiable benefits and product feature/benefit messages. We ensure all customer content reflects your latest corporate and product positioning and messaging.

• Customer videos: Tell a credible story visually from your customer’s perspective. Customer videos can be produced in a variety of formats, ranging from brief testimonials, to more extensive stories involving multiple spokespeople and venues. For either style, RMG’s creative and experienced team of video writers, producers and editors, can highlight your best customer success stories with more impact and lasting impression than on a printed page. See examples of our work

• Customer podcasts: Interview, edit, and produce professional audio broadcasts with your customers.

• Webinars: Involve your customers to participate in web presentations highlighting their best practices and ROI with your technology.

• Social media: Leverage social media networks to build word-of-mouth and support from an even wider audience for your products, technology and services.

• Internal sales references: Provide sales teams with relevant peer-to-peer reference calls or on-site visits to help close more deals.